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Booty Beat™

Ever wish you could be a sexy dancer like the stars on music videos? Well now you can while getting in fabulous shape! This workout takes classic sexy moves from your favorite music videos and incorporates them into a fat burning aerobic class that will get your heart pumping and your hips gyrating. At the end, we'll link all the moves together into a sexy routine that looks more like a music video than a workout. Our sexy striptease moves takes plain old aerobics to a whole new level! All exercise should be this fun. After the Booty Beat™ routine we cool it down and lean up those muscles with Sexy Stretch. We replace boring stretching and crunches with sensual and sexy moves like the Cat Crawl Push-ups to the Goddess Rising ab toning routine to lift your spirits and make you feel like a diva.
Just Teasing

Grab your pink feather boa ladies; it's time to put a fun sexy twist on your workout routine. Arch your backs, gyrate your hips, flip your hair and have a whole lot of sexy fun while you get your workout in. In fact, you're gonna love this workout so much, you'll want to show it off to someone!
Chair Fit

Chair Fit is geared to help you lose fat and to change the shape of your body. This class converts a simple chair into your workout bench then incorporates hand weights and your own body's resistance to sculpt and tone your muscles from head to toe. The result: lean gorgeous muscle that helps burn fat even when you're not working out. Incorporate Chair Fit at least once a week and prepare to become a fat burning machine! there's nothing hotter than a strong, fit woman.
Chair Dancing

After this workout you'll never look at a simple kitchen chair the same way again! we'll introduce you to the art of chair striptease while giving you a great abdominal workout. We show you some cool moves you can do using a simple chair and before we're through you'll have learned a full routine so that at the end of the workout you'll be able to show off an unbelievably sexy chair striptease routine.


Beginner Pole Dancing

No experience required. We'll start with the very basics by learning classic spins like The Butterfly and The Fireman along with super hot transitional moves so that by the end of this video, not only will you have gotten a great work out but also you will have learned a sexy pole dancing routine. We take all the guesswork out of it and make it super easy for you. But, don't let how good it looks fool you; pole dancing is a phenomenal strength building workout ladies. While you're looking gorgeous, expect to discover muscles you never knew you had.
Intermediate Pole

Pole dancing is addictive. It's so much fun that once you learn a few moves and spins you're going to want to learn all the tricks. So once, you've mastered the basics in the Beginner Pole Dancing video, we'll show you lots more moves! By the end of it, you'll have learned another choreographed pole dancing routine.
Pole Fit

Do you want to get super fit and strong so you can get really good at your pole dancing spins and lifts? Here's a whole new way to use your pole. We use the pole as a stabilizer and focus a muscle building and toning routine around it that will target the upper body, midsection, booty and legs while at the same time giving you an intense fat burning cardio workout. This fun, high-energy workout will leave you invigorated and more fit than you've ever been!