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Cooking at home gives you the most control over what you are eating. The supermarket is a terrific place to obtain healthy foods to help you meet your goals, but it’s also full of foods that won’t help and might hurt.  Here are some helpful strategies to make sure your trip to the grocery store stays on track.

Shop along the outside of the supermarket first.  The outer “square” of the supermarket is where you’ll find fresh produce (fruits & veggies), lean protein and dairy.
Plan out your week for meals and snacks and then create a shopping list from that plan.  Then, ALWAYS shop with a list and only buy what’s on that list.  Remember, if you don’t put it in your cart, you won’t buy it.  And if you don’t buy it, you won’t take it home.  And if you don’t take it home, you can’t eat it!
Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry.  It’s harder to resist impulse purchases when your tummy’s growling.
  The Nutrition Facts Panel can be found on all commercially packaged foods. Here are a few tips to help it help you.
  In addition to the Nutrition Facts Panel, take a look at the ingredient list. Ingredients are listed by weight, so the most prevalent ingredients are first on a label. For example, a list that includes “tomato puree, garlic vinegar, spices and sugar,” has the most contribution from tomato puree and the least from sugar. Try to choose items that list salt, sugar and fats toward the end of the list, if at all.